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Leora Shemesh Toronto Criminal Lawyer

As an established Toronto Criminal Lawyer, I have built my practice around three major principles:

  • I represent the interests of my clients powerfully.
  • Judges and juries will only acknowledge innocence and possible police oversight based on evidence and facts. Persuasion is presenting those facts at the right moment.
  • I care about my client's needs and dignity while advocating passionately on their behalf.

Let me make your court case, my battle.

The courts are not only about winning and losing. More often, a favourable result is predicated on your lawyer's ability to navigate and recognize opportunities that lean the balance in your favour.

A good Criminal Lawyer should be talking about the facts of your case and testing them against your alleged charges.

If this is the kind of Lawyer you want on your side, you've come to the right place.

Contact an Experienced Toronto Criminal Lawyer and Don't Leave Your Outcome to Chance

Leora Shemesh is a Toronto Criminal Lawyer experienced in all areas of legal defence. While you are facing a criminal charge, you must remember that you will need to trust your criminal lawyer and build a working relationship with them for a significant period of time. Ensure that you can talk to your lawyer and discuss your options with him/her freely. Ensure that your criminal lawyer is always prepared and the focus is on you.

Leora Shemesh prides herself on being available to her clients and as your Toronto Criminal Lawyer, she will represent you passionately with the utmost care and concern. Ms. Shemesh's office is conveniently located in Toronto; however is available to represent clients all over Ontario.

If you or someone you care about requires legal representation, call Leora Shemesh today at 416.944.8111 or fill out the online inquiry form.